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Are you planning to buy or sell antique furniture, or just want to know where that piece from grandma came from? Don't worry, we are here to help you with recognizing, dating, estimating, maintaining, repairing, selling, buying,... and so on.

Antiques are hot, and many people grow interest in this particular type of furniture. Why? Well have a look at eBay for instance. Many hobbyists and professional dealers are making some good money in this business. Of course not everybody is planning to make money out of there antiques, still it is nice to know the value of the pieces you own.

antique chair Antique furniture is first and foremost popular because of it's originality and history. Most owners like to brag about there antiques, where they found it, what price they paid for it, and of course the age and history of that particular piece. But is it all true what they say? How do they know the age, and where it was build? Most just repeat what the previous owner told them, without doing any research on there own. Some people are not that interested in the background of there antiques, they just want to enjoy the beauty of their furniture, and at the end that is probably the most important!

However, for the ones out there who do like to know more about there antiques, this antique furniture information guide online is build to improve your knowledge and will tell you what details to look for when buying furniture. We would like you to know WHAT you are buying!

Also for the ones out there trying to make an extra buck, this guide will be an invaluable resource. At both end of the game (buying or selling) it is important to know as much as possible about antiques. A correct description of a piece gives you credibility as a seller. And knowing the answer before asking a question to a sales person will give you extra power when negotiating the price, after all YOU know what that piece is worth!

So in order to accomplish all of this, we will provide you with all the styles by country and there history. Explain you all the different furniture terms and elements illustrated with pictures and drawings. And teach you how to recognize the original from the modern building techniques. In addition to the general facts we also give you tips on trading furniture, maintain them, and even restore them. affiliate logo

So to summarize We cover it all!

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How to Recognize Antique Furniture?

Fake or original?

recognize antique furnitureRecognizing fake antique furniture is in general not that difficult. You don't have to be an expert to see if a piece of furniture is old or brand new. But it gets trickier when the piece looks antique! Now what...?


How to Date Antique Furniture?

Become a true expert!

dating antique furnitureThere are a numerous amount of elements that help us with dating antique furniture. Drawers, moldings, handles, construction techniques, furniture finishes, etc. are all great ways to form a solid judgment


Furniture Timeline

Quick style overview.

furniture timeline When and where was that particular furniture style made? Click on a style in the furniture timeline to obtain detailed information and illustrations.

Furniture Anatomy

Can you name the different furniture parts?

furniture anatomyKnowing how to name the different furniture parts will help you understand the terminology used to describe antiques. It is basically a universal language for describing different elements in chairs, tables, beds, etc.

Antique Furniture Styles

History, characteristics and pictures.

antique furniture styles This is a great way to start expanding your knowledge, all furniture styles from the early Colonial to the Innovative styles are explained and illustrated here.


Identifying Antique Furniture

What are the typical style elements ?

recognize antique furnitureIf you want to find out how an antique Chippendale chair looks like, or you are not sure how to identify an Empire bed is, then this is where you most likely will find the answer.
A complete picture guide to help you identify that specific piece of furniture!



Antique Furniture Makers

Who was...?.

antique furniture makersHere you will find a list of the most prominent designers and cabinetmakers in furniture history. If you want to know more about a particular furniture maker or about the style they represented, then this is the place to be!

Looking for a Furniture Term?

Definitions and pictures.

furniture termsNot sure what an "angle bed" or a "bun foot" is? Don't worry you'll find virtually every furniture term explained and illustrated here.

In alphabetic order: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

How to Buy Antique Furniture?

Secrets of a retailer.

buy antique furniture Here are 6 ways to find you diamond in the rough, online and offline. These are my personal resources and experiences on how to buy antiques at bargain prices!

How to Sell Antique Furniture?

Start earning money!

sell antique furniture Buy low sell high, is a basic rule to sell almost anything with large profit. But it's not the only key to success! Know what you sell, and you will earn trust and expert status.

Repair Antique Furniture

DIY Restoration Tips and Techniques.

repair antique furniture Step by step DIY furniture repair guide, tips and techniques illustrated with pictures and easy to apply procedures.

Online Antique Auctions

Affordable antique furniture.

online antique auctionsOnline antique auctions sorted by city, style, or furniture type. For your convenience we constantly research the web for the best antique auctions and list them here.

Online local auction in: Los Angeles | Chicago | Houston | Seattle | Philadelphia | Cincinnati |
Boston |

Antique Furniture Forum

Free online help.

antique furniture forum Need any help dating, estimating, recognizing, restoring,... furniture? Let the world know true our online forum, and post your pictures to receive fast help from our friendly online community!

Your Story

Share your knowledge!

antique furnitue articleDid you have an experience with antiques everybody should know about? Or are you a furniture expert, start sharing your knowledge for everyone to benefit.

Antique Furniture Blog

What's new?

antique furnitue blog We add new articles, pictures, and comments every day. Visit our blog for an overview on the latest additions, and subscribe to our live RSS feed.

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